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No more paper billing? BAD IDEA!!


I'm so frustrated that Telus is discontinuing paper billing for customers with Telus internet service.  There have been a few times we were without a functioning computer, as we are right now, and numerous times when we were having problems with the internet service, especially wifi.  I also don't have data/internet included in my cell phone plan so many times i can't access the internet to view my bill(s).  I typically keep all our bills for at least 3 yrs so i can always go back and easily check anything but i'm pretty sure i can't review that far back online.


IS THIS REALLY WHAT TELUS WANTS?   It seems to be my only option at this point.   THANKS TELUS !!



I can't think of a single advantage a paper bill has over electronic.


I have to walk down the block to get my mail, which I do once a week at most because there's usually nothing but junk mail. I don't have to go anywhere to get my email - it comes to me. It comes to me as soon as it's sent and on multiple devices.


Telus sends email notification of my bill 3 weeks before it's due. That means I have 3 weeks to log on to my account to look at the statement and download a PDF copy. I've done this while I was in another country. I can't go to the Canada Post mailbox unless I'm at home.


I have PDF copies of my bills going back more than 8 years. It takes me 3 seconds to find my June 2013 bill if I wanted to look at it. It's stored in the cloud so I can look at any bill from any location I have Internet access. Can't do that with paper bills.


I have a reminder set on my email notification to pay the bill. There's no way a piece of paper sitting on my desk is going to pop up and remind me to pay it.


You don't need a computer or a mobile data plan to access your online account. You can use any mobile device connected to WiFi. You can use the browser or install the My Telus app.


It seems strange to me that someone would subscribe to Internet service and not want to take advantage of the technology around it to make things easier.

Unfortunately the CRA requires all your receipts by paper.  I personally find it easier to keep track of what I have and haven't paid using paper - call me old fashioned, I don't care.  I don't have data on my phone because there's very poor service where I live and my internet is spotty where I live so I don't check my email very often.  I am the customer and also would request paper bills, I don't understand why this is so hard...and is how me buying a printer and ink and printing out my bill when I am able to download it saving the environment?