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Just got what I believe to be a scam call from a "Telus Representative"

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The caller ID said "Monet Studio" and the number is 1-888-811-2323, located in Quebec.
The caller knew my name and knew what services I already had with Telus. He also said the call was being recorded about 4 times and asked me how I like my Telus service twice. He was really having trouble speaking — stumbling over his words, leaving long silences like he wasn't sure what he was calling to talk about. Then he asked for my pin and I said no. Has anyone else received a call like this?


That sounds very suspect and like a phishing scam.  Check out And maybe also forward the details of the call to [email protected]

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Well I got scammed from a legitamite Telus sales representative. I did get them to call me back the next day, anyways. What they offered me after repeatedly making sure we were clear ont the terms, and what I got charged and signed up for are NOT the same deal. I was offered 2 choices; 1st choice: add 2 additional family members for up to $19/mth each or get an ipad for $600, and $15/mth. Anyways, I decided to add my elderly mother to my plan, thinking I was doing a good thing for my mom, however she had just paid her monthly bill and said to wait a month. So in the meantime, when the sales rep called me back the next day, I again asked what the rate was going to be and total charges and data amount, Again was reassured by the Telus sales rep Aishish that it was goint to be $19/mth and that there would be no charges until I activated the sim that was going to be mailed out to me.

Well not only did I get a full months of charges that I did not use any of their services for, but the plan ended up costing me $60/mth and not the $19/mth. So when I called Telus to complain about the dishonest sales call and mistaken plan cost, their sales managers were also very rude and arrogant, and did not offer me any reasonable solution. I have now wasted numerous hours of my time and money with this fraudalent sales call and have to spend even more time looking into changing providers, since Telus cannot operate with any integrity or honour.

Just Moved In

Yeah, I got a similar call, they knew my name and asked for my PIN. They were also calling from a legit Telus number 1-888-811-2323

Numbers can be spoofed unfortunately, best to be careful when providing any account information over the phone unless you are the one calling in.