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Fiber Instalation Yard Destroyed

Just Moved In

TELUS 2.jpgTELUS.jpgTELUS 3.jpg

This afternoon my son was playing at the front yard and accidently tripped and fall, by the wood that TELUS as you see in the picture negligently installed,  luckily nothing major happened minor scratch. I have tried to call and talk to someone and they keep transferring me and it hang up. Extremely frustrated, i am not sure about the liability and responsibility if I have to take it out or do something about this 




Seleshi Mekonnen 



@Eyobed  Looks like frozen ground work snow covered. Take the stakes out try and level a bit. I have used messenger to get to telus i have had good results. Takes a day or two but giving your address they can pass it on to construction crew to level properly. Put a marker tall stick ribbons to mark the trip area.  May be fast or slow results the messenger person responded to me with results in two days.