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Can't manage my home services online

Friendly Neighbour

Hello Telus community,


I have been with Telus for a week and I am exasperated, not only by glitches in my service, but also by the errors in My Telus account preventing me from managing my services online. I can manage my mobile accounts without any problem, home phone, internet plan. What I can't do is change channel selections in Optik TV, manage email accounts, or manage WiFi. I get errors (please see the attached screenshots). I have been literally hours with Telus Support on the phone and they have no idea of what I am talking about and they don't have the ability to jump into a screen sharing chat, not to mention sending them screenshots, which is embarrassing for a national communications company.


I am a software developer and I am sure this will not get resolved on its own, as Telus Support has suggested. Most likely my account has some data corruption and that's something Telus support obviously doesn't understand or doesn't admit. I think the only solution is to delete and recreate my account but they don't know how to do it.


Have any of you experienced all these problems with your account?


Screenshot 2023-11-07 120933.png

Screenshot 2023-11-07 121044.png

Screenshot 2023-11-07 121144.png




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. It appears that your account may need to be looked at in the back end to get to the root of the problem. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.

Sure. I've had this exact problem for months now. I spent a long time dealing with tech support and they said it was a "backend issue" and would be solved within a week. That was months ago. To make matters worse, I was billed for a massive data overage that I could not possibly have been responsible for, but I couldn't access the log files to see what happened because of this problem. The words I have for Telus are largely unprintable, but perhaps these two will make my intentions clear if SOMETHING doesn't change soon:




I was able to get my issue escalated and apparently that's only possible if you do it through Twitter or Facebook, which I found ridiculous, cheesey and unprofessional. One day after my last cry for help via Twitter I received a call from a private number and it was a guy claiming to Worl for Telus, he said he was calling from Dallas, yes Dallas, and said that he was very sorry to hear about the problems that I have been experiencing but said that I wasn't alone, that all Telus customers were suffering of the same problem because back-end systems were down and that there was no ETA for a fix. This is absolutely not true because all the people that I know that have Telus service had their services working normally.
All of this, apart from experiencing infinite annoyances and problems with the new Optik TV boxes have made me cancel my service. Luckily I was still within my trial period and tomorrow good old Shaw is coming to switch my service over. I can't wait! Good bye Telus. Signing off.