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Aggressive upsell calls

Just Moved In

Last week I got a call on behalf of Telus to sell me on some kind of online privacy/security protection service. I listened to the salesman's pitch, then told him I didn't feel I needed the product and wasn't interested. He absolutely wouldn't take no for an answer, and pitched it three more times, with me saying no each time.


That was bad enough, but what really frustrated me was the way he'd conclude his pitch: Not asking me if I wanted the product, but saying that he was going to go ahead and add it to my account anyway despite my refusals, pausing only to confirm that that is OK. This was even after I had declined the service multiple times. I was left worried that he is going to add the product to my account anyway. I will be checking my account over the next couple of months to be sure.


I'm a fairly new customer to Telus so I'm wondering if this is a normal part of the customer experience? Is this something I should expect to happen regularly? Because that call has really damaged my trust in Telus as a company. This feels more like something I'd expect from Rogers and Bell. 



Just Moved In

Most definitely not the service I have ever received or expected.

Almost sounds like a scam using the Telus name.

If you call in to speak to a sales agent they should be able to clarify any services on your account.


Also, if it was an actual Telus agent. there should be a log of the call and transaction.

That agent could possibly be reprimanded for their unfriendly and aggressive interactions.




You are being too nice. I hang up after the first time I say "no thank you" without waiting for a follow up sales ptich. If you detect unprofessional behavior ask for their name. If they refuse then say "I will not deal with anyone who refuses to identify themselves" then hang up.


Bottom line is you need to hang up when you are done not when they are done.