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1 (888) 811-2323

Just Moved In
Is +1 (888) 811-2323 a valid number from Telus? Is anyone else out there getting plagued with these calls? As far as I know my account is in good standing and not sure why they would reach out with offers/discounts when I have access by other means. (Seems sketchy)

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are several discussions about this on the forums already. Yes, it's a valid Telus number. Yes, there are scammers that spoof the caller ID data to show that number to try trick people into giving them information. The +1 at the beginning is an easy way to spot it as a scam.


If you are a Telus or Koodo customer, you can enable Call Control (free) and can filter out those calls.


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Nighthawk thank you for your reply. I just want to point out that your message would be much more clear if you said 1-888-811-2323 is valid but +1-888-811-2323” is a scam. If I understand your message, you are saying the +1 is the tip-off of a scam. Starting your reply with Yes it’s a valid number is extremely misleading / confusing. Thank you for posting this info.

Friendly Neighbour

A lady with a strong Asian accent phoned me from this number TELUS 1-888-811-2323. Said she was phoning from Telus but could not verify my address on the account. Asked if I wanted to be listed in the directory with 1) Full address 2) Partial (street name) 3) Just the City 4) Other. I asked her if she could give more info about my account. Her answer was that she could not give this to me for privacy reasons.... I asked her for the number of Telus and to give Telus a call myself. She gave me a this number: 310-2255... I believe this is a SCAM and should be reported as such. 

Just Moved In
+1-888-811-2323 is SCAM spoof for
1-888-811-2323. I wish Telus would provide an official statement on this very active scam number