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Outbound Calling Name Display


TELUS has a handy feature known as Outbound Calling Name Display (OCND), which enables you to have your account name displayed with your number when placing an outgoing call. When activated, your account name will be shared with the person you're calling, and if their device supports name display, they'll see that they're receiving a call from you before picking up.


Who can use Outbound Calling Name Display?

In order to use OCND, you must have a postpaid account and a device that is certified for the TELUS VoLTE network. VoLTE  must also be enabled on your device. 


Is there a fee?

Personal accounts can activate this feature for free. Business and Corporate customers will have to pay a monthly $3 fee.


How do I activate Outbound Calling Name Display?

Simply log in to your MyTELUS account, and select 'Outbound Calling Name Display' under Add-Ons.



For more information about the Outbound Calling Name Display feature, please visit our support page.


You can also reach out to us over at our Twitter page or send us a private message at our Facebook page and we'll be ready to help!



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