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website improvements

Just Moved In

Two website improvements

1. When selecting the usage tab to look at the data usage you are required to select a billing period to view.  After selecting the period you should display data usage from all phones on the shared plan not just the one listed at the top of the webpage.  It is anoyying and time consuming to open each phone record and lookup each data usage figure and then add them up manually to get an idea of where you are in the plan.


2. fix your website from displaying blank white pages.  In the process of trying to tally all phone data I continue to get blank white pages on IE10 and the refresh does not work.  I usually have to close the tab and open a new one to get the page to display properly.  After restarting the tab with the website if I change phones to view another data figure it happens again and I am forced to go through the process again.  Changing the website to provide the 1st option would probably eliminate this error as i would not be required to continually change phone devices and be forced to look up each one individually.