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#telus wireless offload

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Why does TELUS' wifi offload (#telus) suck so bad? Honestly, every time that my phone is pushed to #telus wifi the internet absolutely disappears. Do your mobile network engineers actually understand how to route internet traffic or is TELUS' idea of wireless offload alien to the rest of the world? Stop pushing my phone to something that doesn't work nor does TELUS have any idea how to make work? TELUS SUCKS!!!!

Community Power User
Community Power User

I believe you can forget the #Telus Wi-Fi network if you wish, so you do not connect to it.


And yes, it is a partitioned connection, and a convenience, as you do not pay for it. It is open to all, unlike Shaw's offering which limits non-Shaw customers to a piddling amount of data before they are cut off.

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