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strange data usage summary for only one phone on mobilty account that is shared with another

Just Moved In
Starting in Dec,whenever I click on data usage for that specific mobile number on my account its showing well over what our shared data plan includes for usage that we share between devices. We have 10gb to share between our phones. But when I click on that one it shows a full green circle with a usage amount well over with numbers like
13024mb, when mines showing only 1000mb. When I click on details and go under the whole day to day usage amounts it still shows that number being well under 10gb/10240mb and alot of data chunks just say 0.00mb under the time throughout each day. It also counts down from that much higher amount, early today it was 13024mb checking it just a half hour ago it counted down to 12966mb. Its only on this one specific number, each month it doesn't show anywhere on the bill just the usage inquired within our 10gb sharing pool. We both do have wifi majority of the day so I can't see that being a factor becaise we'd both be showing high amounts and mine never fluctuates like that. Someone please help me, I can take pics if need be for better understanding.