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skype on internet stick?


Hi ,   I have a telus internet stick for my computer that works off of the cell tower.  Does it cost me to skype someone in another country?   I have the flex plan, cost is about $40 per month..and I think gives you about 3 GBTs.  I thought skype was always free, am I wrong and if I am what plan should i be on if mainly want to skype a lot and use email..  Thanks for your help.



CPU Alum
CPU Alum

In general, Skype is free... however it uses bandwidth during your call.  Pay attention to your data consumption for 5 minutes and then do the math to see how long it takes to burn up 3gb.

Thanks for the reply. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you are only using Skype for audio, it shouldn't be too bad. Video will really eat into your 3GB fast.

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That makes sense.  Thanks for the advice.


If just audio... also consider a phone card.... I'm amazed how many minutes I can get with a $5 phone card.