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see photo from 8192124085 password eebdi

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Really need more information.


But it sounds like you're trying to use a service that has been discontinued now for a couple of years.


Search the forums as there are many posts on this issue.



Here is a quote from one example.



ET wrote:

Hi all, TELUS has discontinued the support for the snap site. The employees no longer have access to retrieve usernames and passwords for the site. You best bet, as @wally_west suggested is to either have people send you their pictures through e-mail and send your pictures through e-mail. The last option would be to add a data plan and then Picture messaging would work directly on the web site.


This service was used on older type of devices and by default, when you aren't set up for picture messaging, it's normal that you receive this message as it's the default message when messages can't be delivered on a cellular device.


End Quote