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I was wondering if Telus offers a service out there (of some sort) that notifies the cell phone user about who had called them while he/she is away by either having their cell phone turned off for an extended period of time or going into an area that has no reception.


To clarify my question, here's what I am trying to say exactly - whenever a user has turned his cell phone off and/or in an area that has no reception and the person who is trying to call the user:


- a text message notification is sent telling the user which person and/or telephone number had called them and it contains:

- the time of day when the call attempted to took place

- how many times that number is trying to contact the user, etc.


Checking your voicemail isn't enough in this situation. By adding "missed call notifications" or "missed call alerts", this goes towards a whole new level and a step further. 


I had lobbied for "missed call notifications" for many years but the fight on "mandating" this feature or making this feature as "standard equipment" continues to this day. A number of other providers have the "missed call notifications" feature for a number of years.


There are sometimes smartphone apps that allow you to do this, but I can't narrow down which particular app is 100% effective. There are also a few people who are not on smartphones, but needed an easy way to check who had called them while away. 


There are often "flaws" associated with missed call notifications. One example would be - capturing numbers from private numbers (if the caller screens their phone number to prevent on being tracked down).


I hope that you can pass on my suggestion to your team. I'm currently not with Telus right now, but just wanted to provide this feedback and pass it on to your internal team. Thank you for your understanding. 



Rogers/Fido have this feature included in their value packs as an add-on, it's named Who Called. Basically exactly what you explained: you get a text message of who called you while your phone was off, out of service area, etc. It was sometimes useful but it sometimes got in the way. I often just checked my voice mail or called the person back as my phone is rarely off.

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While this is an older topic, I would like to say that I would love to see this feature added. I just came on board to Telus after over a decade with Fido, and while my experience has been great so far, the one feature I miss it Fido's/Rogers "WhoCalled". Whenever I would go into the metro/subway, or the elevators at my work or home, I lose reception. There are even dead zones in my home. Having this feature would be VERY useful, especially since my mobile phone is how I answer the front door buzzer/intercom for my building. And yes, it would be nice if everyone left a detailed voicemail, but until they do, getting a text message with the date/time/number of a missed caller when I'm coming out of a long subway ride (or plugging in my phone after losing battery for some time) would be very appreciated. Thank you for reading this!

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You may wish to add this to the Ideas section. I feel you have provided a clear description of the goals of such an offering, so it should be easy for others to understand and up-vote.

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