lost phone.


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if my phone is lost, do i have to  pay off my device balance first in order to get a new phone on a new contract?


Yes, usually, the provider will allow a renewal and a new credit on hardware if your balance is at 0$.

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This is where the Telus Device Protection Plan really comes in handy. Alot of people snub it when the sales rep offers it during your activation/renewal....but the fact is Telus Device Protection is the ONLY device insurance plan that covers lost or stolen phones. Apple care plus for instance, no luck when you lose your phone. or if someone swipes it.


Granted, there is a deductible, and granted you have to call into another company that isn't Telus to put through your claim. but with the hefty buy-outs these days and the cost of the lastest and greatest smartphones being so high, a deductible that is only a small portion of your phones cost and usually way less than your buyout seems like a pretty good option to me. And the customer care center at Assurion where you have to put through your claim is fast and efficient and friendly. Your phone is replaced as early as the next day!


It's a good plan, and you can remove it anytime. I suggest getting it when you get a new phone and then removing it around 10-12 months into your contract, as the deductible is almost not worth it at that time.


HOWEVER, please be aware that Asurion can send you a device that has equal functionality. That means that they do not have to send you the exact device: for example, if you lost your S4, you might not get a S4 back even if you pay the deductible. That's a risk you have to take. Also, the phones they send you are refurburished by themselves.


That being said, Asurion is quite generous at times. I saw someone with a lost Note 1, and Asurion sent them a Note 2 because they didn't have any Note 1 left.