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With Telus since the Clearnet days - but no more

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I have been a Telus client when they were still known as Clearnet in the 1980s.

On Nov 24 of this year (3 weeks ago) I signed a new 2 year agreement. I got a new LG V30 and a renewed price plan.

I am considered a Business customer but I could have easily changed to a Consumer plan but was able to get a slightly

better plan staying as a Business customer. I only have the one phone.

The deal that I got 21 days ago was no way as good as the 10gb for $60 or $85 with a new phone.

While the sale was on I was able to get through to Business client support in the Philippines and asked the rep if there was someway that I could do to

take advantage of this great promotion by switching to the Consumer side.  He told me that that was no problem whatsoever and all he had to do was

make a few notes on my account and transfer me to the consumer client service. He did so and I waited for over 90 minutes on hold before I gave up.

The next day I tried again but I couldn't get through at all - the phones were not working.

So I tried the chat route: I watched the number start at over 300 in the queue and when it was my turn the chat disconnected. Very frustrating.

So I tried Plan C: I went to the Telus store where I had picked up the new phone and signed the agreement.  The people in the store know me from

past dealings and I was hoping they could help me.  Absolutely not.  

I offered the following premise: The return policy for a new phone is apparently 14 days - I was at 20 and therefore was out of luck. Surely there

must be something that can be done for a client of over 30 years so that he could take advantage of this promotion. Nothing.

I am very disheartened by this situation. I feel that I have earned the right to be given a bit of a break. So now for the next 2 years I am stuck and will be unable to take advantage of any future promotion.  I have learned my lesson: I am the loyal one and Telus just won't help me. In the future I will buy my own phone on the open market and be a free agent. 

I know that by the rules of the game Telus doesn't HAVE to do anything but you would think that sometimes exceptions must be made for the most loyal of clients. Sorry for the venting - it makes me feel better.



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Community Power User

While Telus online (phone, chat, etc.) had some latitude to make adjustments to plans, it appears the retail staff were only able to do intake of new customers. Since other channels were overwhelmed, as you experienced, many were left wanting. Though not what you want to hear,  more sales are likely in the future, allowing you and others to access future deals.



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I feel for ya bro...there is absolutely no loyalty shown from these corporations anymore it is just a numbers game.


You could be a 30 year customer and have less merit than someone who just ported out 90 days ago.


Sorry no exceptions. I have been a customer from the AGT days. Apparently 30 years ago they gave me a PIN number. Without a pin they can or will not help me.




@Spirit84 wrote:

I feel that I have earned the right to be given a bit of a break.


Yes, you and a million other people. But where does the "earned" level begin? I've seen people who want loyalty perks after 2 years. The business logistics of "loyalty" programs for large companies are cumbersome, everybody wants in, nobody is happy when they're left out. It's easiest not to have the program at all, but simply try to provide the best services possible to reward all customers everyday. Granted, in Canada our mobility plans are high, but the service is consistently good, at least for me. I have friends here using other providers and they complain, and I have friends in the US who have nothing but complaints about all their service providers. The grass is not greener elsewhere, but everybody is free to go and have a look for themselves. Cat LOL

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it is greener with Bell (at least for me). Waited for hours over 2 days and finally got an agent to help me but Telus system froze so he asked for my account number and promised to call back within 1 hour to switch my 2 phones to the $60 10GB plan. It's been 3 days today and still no call (imagine had I waited for Telus agent to call me back). Tried online chat and got disconnected so many times I gave up.


Went to Bell store across the street at lunch and ported my 2 phones within 20 minutes. Done. I save $70/month for the 2 phones with Bell compared to my old plan with Telus. Between me and my friends we ported 10 numbers to Bell that day. Learned the loyalty less from Rogers 10 years ago. Whoever can give me speedy service for a reasonable cost can have my business. I feel bad for the people that waited for hours and couldn't get through. This deal was a half a**s last minute decision made by management with no execution plan so the front end people and the computer systems weren't ready for the traffic.

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Same here..I have been a Telus customer for over 20 yrs..I just signed a new two yr contract as I always do and upgrade my phone. I wanted to adjust my plan to save money as I was on a grandfathered plan, (I was in Best Buy btw where I always do my telus business) they called the telus team and the guy on the phone at me up on a new plan said it was going to be much better for me, even through in an extra gig of data and have me the iPhone 6s plus for a deal. Right two months months later in paying more than I was before, I called during the Canada wide deal to see if I could take advantage and was told flat out NO it was too attract new customers only and I was hung up on. Well good on you Telus..New year new cell phone company for us

Just Moved In


I really understand your frustration i had to wait almost 9 hours now to get in new plan, as new customer switching from business to personal, can believe it 9h of my life and still nothing is done yet. so im taking my business somewhere else. 

you do have the choice to change, you don't have to stay with them for 2 years just give them the phone back and pay the difference, or pay them for the phone now and cancel your plan, read the term and conditions.


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I agree with the negative comments. The telecos don't care about losing a "few" customers to the competition. Like the saying goes, "there's a sucker born every minute". Only when when the customer speaks with their pocket book (and thru media) the big corporations "might" take notice, but for the most part it doesn't matter despite what they say in the boardroom. 


That's why it's best never to commit to any sort of plan or contract and get in the habit of flipping back and forth between providers. As far as Telus or any corporation or company that has call centre(s), you will almost always do better speaking or chatting with someone in your own country than with someone from an overseas call centre.