Wifi calling corrected


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This is more of a solution then a question for those of you out there.

Wifi calling for iPhone was released finally but some users my have problems connecting to it when they have little services.

If your having issues connecting to Telus Wifi calling please complete the following:

Settings>wifi>Select your wifi network and click on the (I). Then change the secondary DNS to So basically you will see DNS read like this after 1.3.400.1, This should correct any issue connecting to Wifi

You can't have a number bigger than 254 in a DNS entry, so whatever the 400 is isn't likely correct.

In any case, wi fi calling should work just fine without having to specify the DNS servers...if it isn't working, something else is wrong.


Mine works just fine.

This is the only way I can get wifi calling to work.

Without as a secondary DNS, wifi calls/messages do not work. Carrier ID only shows TELUS.

After adding the secondary DNS within about 10 seconds my carrier ID changed to TELUS WiFi.

Hope Telus will fix this!