WiFi Calling Problems


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My iPhone 7 will not connect to Telus WiFi calling. Telus support couldn't figure it out so I did my own reading.

I found, from a post here on these forums, that if you add as a secondary DNS server in wifi settings, voila! All of a sudden my iPhone shows it's connected to Telus wifi calling.

Any one know what is causing this? Or a fix?

Community Power User
Community Power User
I don't have to configure any settings on my 7plus. Just enable wifi calling if I want to use it.

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Same here. Didn't have to do any configuration on my 6S Plus.
It only kicks in when you signal is about 1 bar of service. Then it stays and kicks off either when you loose wifi signal or you get up to 4 bars of service.
Mine wouldn't kick in with one bar or no service at all. Now with the DNS changed at my house where I have 2 bars in my kitchen TELUS WiFi is always on.

If I remove the secondary DNS, it doesn't kick in at all.