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Why is my sim card on hold?

Just Moved In

I received a really good offer to move from Koodo to Telus so I placed an order for 4 sim cards to move with my family. I have received the sim cards however now I'm unable to switch everyone over because one of the sim cards was placed "on hold".


I called them to figure out why and the person I spoke to told me she could not explain unless I spoke to the team who handles these holds but she could not redirect me to them? I'm hopeful it will get resolved in the next 24 hours but I'd just like to understand why this happened. I even had to put down a $200 deposit for the 4th line already so they took my money, they already started charging me from August 10th - September 9 and yet we cannot access the services we are paying for.


Just Moved In

It didn't look like I could edit my post so I'm going to leave an update in this message. 


I decided to try my luck with another agent, this time in online chat. I was able to speak with Dars who was able to help me. Unfortunately I was unable to complete a survey for him as I accidentally closed the chat but I'm going to namedrop him here as EXTREMELLY HELPFUL. If you ever go on chat for support I hope you come across Dars as well because he is understanding, helpful, and actually gets the job done! Very much appreciated.