Why does data have to be so darn expensive??


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I'm happy being a telus customer, I really am but data is way to expensive!! $30/m per GB is too much.
I'm am quite certain that Telus makes enough money that they can afford to give their more loyal customers who have always paid on time and have been with your company a long time, a break.
At least consider dropping the rates to $20/GB
Until telus can do this for their loyal customers, like myself who have been here for about six years now, I will always be looking for some place else that offers a better deal!
Its getting to the point where only the richer or "upper middle class" are able to afford what everybody should have regardless of their income.
I realize telus is a business and, the purpose of a business is too make money but, please take a look at your profits and look hard to see if there is a way to offer cheaper data.
Please guys think about my proposal and at least offer your more loyal customers a better deal!
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If you look at the rates today, 1GB is $20, 2GB is $30 ($15/GB) and 6 GB is $50 ($8.35/GB).

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Some thoughts....

  • I remember before the iPhones were popular when it was $100 for 2 megabytes.  What we have today is a bargain!  Even roaming rates are cheaper than what data costs locally a decade ago.
  • Blame modern websites with their huge high resolution graphics if you do a lot of surfing.
  • Blame people who upload high resolution videos onto websites that are just so good
  • to minimize my data charges, I disable LTE and go back to 3G to limit my bandwidth and force websites to send me lower resolution content.
  • many cellular carriers are discovering people are using their phones less, but using their data more
  • if you see discount carriers offering cheap data rates.... it may be very slow 2G that's only good for emails.  Do your research.  In some cases, discount carriers will charge you roaming rates when you go to the suburbs.  Discount carriers often do not work inside buildings.  Compeitition may not offer coverage in many suburban locations, talk to your neighbors to see what deadzones they discovered.


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But compare this to Rogers:


1GB=$20, 2GB=$30, 6GB=$50, 12GB=$65, 20GB=$85, 30GB=$105 and data overage is 30% of Telus's standing rate which is huge.


$3.50/gb with Rogers on that 30gb plan, and you can add 9 devices to use it which is huge savings for large families or small business even. It's significantly better than the limited Telus offering and I'm hugely disappointed that the best competition they have to this is $8.33/gb (which is the 6gb plan). I do not want to pay more than double for my data, that's just ridiculous and so very uncompetitive. So I'm going to reiterate what the original poster said: 


Why does data have to be so darn expensive??


C'mon Telus, don't make me go running back to the horrible Rogers, you're not giving me any choice!!