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Why did TelusMobility recently change the notification process on my account and not notify me?

Just Moved In

I did not receive my most recent Telus Mobility bill. When I went to the website, it was down AS USUAL! When I phoned, the customer service rep said they had made some recent changes and some customers were not receiving notification by email for their bills and some were, GREAT! GREAT SERVICE!!!


How are we as customers supposed to keep up with paying our bills WHICH TELUS EXPECTS, without receiving the proper notice? This is very very bad and very very poor service. No effort to contact us even though they know full well that some customers did not receive their proper notification.



I set up tasks in Outlook to remind me of all my bill payment due dates (TELUS, utilities, credit card, etc).  I set the reminders 2 or 3 days before the due dates and I've never had an issue with any of my bills. It's just part of how I manage my cash flow and payment responsibilities.


Back in the days of paper bills it worked perfectly as the paper bill wasn't going to magically jump up off my desk to remind be to pay it.