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What happened to customer service?

Just Moved In

I had to speak with five people today to get an answer about upgrading my phone. The agents I first spoke with did not listen to my issue and did not know how to solve it. One agent completely ignored why I was calling and proceeded to "mansplain" that I could not speak to a supervisor when I expressed frustration with the lack of support. He then proceeded to transfer me to the wrong department. I didn't get a way to review the service. I used to get a text message asking me to provide feedback. I guess that if they don't send a survey, then they can't get bad reviews. Or maybe Telus doesn't care anymore. I finally got someone to fix my issue. But I wasted 3 hours. 



Hi @Rubywubee I am sorry to hear about your struggle in wanting to upgrade your device. Those surveys you refer to are sent randomly so they must have missed you this time around but I appreciate that you wrote to us to let us know about your experience