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Weak Signal

Just Moved In

I'm getting weak or no signal when I'm indoors in transcona and even downtown. I never had this problem with Rogers. It's affecting my "4G" speeds (it really shouldn't be called 4G when it's slower than 256 kbps dial-up) and sometimes I can't even make a call.


The worst it got was when I went to Bird's Hill yesterday. No signal whatsoever. My brother in law who has a Galaxy S3 with Rogers had full signal by the way. 


Seriously, this is making me regret leaving Rogers for Telus. Anyone else have this problem?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi Dongman78, The first thing to check is the TELUS coverage in that area. You can do so by viewing the coverage map here. If the area shows that it's suppose to be well covered, then you might want to contact @TELUSsupport via Twitter, send a private message to TELUS through Facebook or call them at 1-866-558-2273 to have the issue reported.



Also keep in mind that TELUS can't garanty indoors coverage.


I hope it helps.