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WIFI calling for Android


I noticed that it was mentioned that WIFI calling for Android would be coming in late summer. It is now late summer, do we have a tentative date yet??


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Community Power User
The Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers of Telus, who have no insight to Telus' plans, nor inside knowledge of product timelines. You can follow here, at Telus' media release site, or a number of aficionado blogs to learn when such a realease is announced.
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It will come, I wouldn't hold your breath on the 'timeline' they posted online.  Projects always have delays and I'm surprised they even posted a timeline.

The idea for Wifi Calling on iPhone's thread Telus say in it they were working to have it live in 2015, but it took until 2017 to bring it out.

I'm guessing since they have the backbone, bringing it to Android won't take years, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't until the Fall/Winter or early next year.



It's disgusting that Android users aren't treated just as well as iPhone users, even though I'm willing to bet the majority of phones on the telus network are Android.

I find it a little strange as well considering WiFi calling was introduced by android a couple years before apple introduced it. All of the major carriers in the US have it available for android as well. Not sure what the holdup is as the infrastructure is already in place.

one more note. WiFi calling on android devices is available on Rogers. Just sayin!!