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Voicemail not working through iPhone

I cannot seem to access my voicemail when dialling 1 or using the Carrier Voicemail button on iPhone. The only way I can access my voicemail is to dial my own number. I have an iPhone 15 pro max if that matters.

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Community Power User

Are you using Telus's voicemail, or the new Apple live voicemail that came out with iOS 17?

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I am using Telus’ voicemail. I tried turning live voicemail on and off and there was no effect.

I also have issues now with voicemail. I have tested it and the voicemails aren’t saving. I see that there’s a voicemail but after I call, i am told there are no messages and the little circle notification of a voicemail disappears. I had seen the live voicemail was working a few weeks ago, but now I don’t even get my messages when i call my voicemail.

I am having the same issue. People are calling and leaving messages. My badge notifications show I have two messages. But the voice says I have no messages 🤷🏻‍:female_sign:

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same as above! need a solution!!


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FYI, I have...

confirmed my vm is set up

made sure call forwarding is off

made sure wifi calling in on

turned off/on cellular and made sure cellular is on

verified my mailbox is empty

turned app off/on

turned phone off/on

rest network settings

checked that carrier setting are updated

updated iOS


I am NOT reinstalling the iOS unless I absolutely have to!


I will call Telus tech support tonight to see if they can help. I will keep you posted and/or update with solution if I find one!

Just curious, are you on an eSIM? it seems this only started happening when I converted my physical sim to an eSIM through my iPhone.

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I have a physical SIM in my iPhone... though I should point out that since I upgraded my device I have had this issue. I did take my existing SIM card and put it in the new phone, rather than the one they sent... I wonder if they have me under the new SIM, rather than the old one that I am using? This may be the issue... thanks for asking!

Friendly Neighbour

So I determined what my SIM card # is and went to 'change' it (going with the assumption they have me registered under the new SIM they sent, and I get a message that it IS my current SIM...


Back to the drawing board...


I have the issue where my phone instantly hangs up my voicemail as soon as I dial it.   Telus is looking into the cause of why it does that. I reboot my phone and it works once ,  sometimes not a all.  Frustrating as heck.


i have this same issue on physical sim and just upgraded to iphone 15 promax. did not have this issue on my 14 promax. any solutions yet

I called in and they recommended turning off then turning on live voicemail and no issues since