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Unlocking in December


The CRTC has ended the locking of devices to telephone companies as of December 2017. My device was paid off 06OCT2017. If I get this unlocked now, it’ll be a $50 donation to Telus.  Is Telus unlocking devices at their partners for free in December?  Oh I found out the new devices, I.e. iPhone8 are being distributed unlocked now, at least one reason to go from a 6s to an 8 



Or you could ask them to unlock it for free.  Failing that, you could wait one month and 10 days or so and get it unlocked...

maybe I have to call Telus to see if that is an option now

I would recommend it. They will either say yes or they will say no. If they say yes, then get it unlocked. If they say no, wait until December 1...

When I called Telus in Sept, they said it would cost $50, even after term paid off. I have put a call into Telus, 20-30 queue, per your suggestion. Telus changes their policies day to day, thus many people calling repeatedly, thus long delays answering phones. 

Telus is not unlocking phones for free now, as of 20oCT2017 and CSR Desiree. Telus will be unlocking phones, at customers request for free after December 1st, 2017. Desiree says this can be done via a call to them. 

Sorry to hear that.  They could have unlocked phones early and their lines won't be tied up so badly when December 1 comes around.