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Unlimited Nationwide Calling?

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My family and I just subscribed to the Shareplus Plan. On one of the plans it includes unlimited nationwide calling. I know this includes outgoing calls, but what about incoming calls?




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Yes, for the shareplus plan, incoming and outgoing is included if from anywhere to anywhere in Canada. 

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I found this thread by good search looking at features for share plus plans.  I am in an employee plan at my work that is not done for another year and a half or so if I finish it (it is a 3 year contract, 450 min per month with 3GB of data for $55 per month)...

does nationwide calling mean no more long distance charges?  would the person i call on this still incur long distance charges?




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Community Power User

@batkinson001 wrote:

 would the person i call on this still incur long distance charges?




The person you call would incur pond distance charges if they are outside local calling area and do not have a long distance plan. If you are calling a landline, of cellphone while in it's local area, no long distance charges are applied.


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