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Unable to report text spam


Lately I have been unable to report text spam to 7726, as per Telus page Report a spam message.  When I try to send it, I get a response in red, "Message not sent: invalid message".  Why is this happening?




Community Power User
Community Power User

Press and hold on the spam message then click “more”. Bottom right corner hit the arrow. Send that to 7726, you will receive a text to enter the number that spammed you and the report will be complete.

That is exactly the procedure I am using.

I was able to report the issue to Telus and they have forwarded the issue to their spam department, who will NOT contact me.  Maybe they can replicate the problem and fix it, but I'm a pessimist.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Reporting spam is automated they don’t contact you after the report. 

You must be a bot, because both of your replies here have nothing to do with the actual issue.