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So when we are in the USA, who does Telus partner with?  You are bound to be roaming on Tmobile, AT&T, Verizon or Sprint but which one(s)? 


(Edit:  My wife is in San Francisco right now and she's roaming on Tmobile so that's one partner for sure - there may be others).


Reason I ask, I plan to take a long trip this winter and I need to have decent coverage where I'm staying.  I know Tmobile has fair coverage in my area but I'm not so sure about the others.


While on the topic, I've been assured by multiple CSR's that my Canada/US Roaming plan gives me access to my data and calling features just like when I'm back home.  But is that actually true? 


Reason I ask... I live half time in Canada and half time in the US.  I have a US cell phone on the Tmobile "No borders" plan.  It does work in Canada but if you stay off the Tmobile network for more than 2 months Tmobile will threaten to cut off your service.  Does Telus do anything like that?


So is the Telus Canada-US roaming plan for real?  Has anybody gone south for the winter and actually used Telus for an extended period of time?  Say 6 months?  


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Telus doesn't seem to maintain al list of partners, but the Koodo website lists an extensive number of partners, and I expect they are common with Telus.


Although I have not seen specifics about use patterns, I expect a fair use policy would eventually prevent your continued use for 6 months in the USA.



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T-Mobile's domestic roaming partner is AT&T.  Whether that applies to international customers roaming on to the T-Mobile network, I have no idea.  T-Mobile's coverage is excellent though, at least from my experience.  Band 71 deployment in major cities has already happened with it slowly making its way to more rural areas to provide better coverage and wireless home internet.  I don't know of any Canadian phones that come with band 71 enabled in their firmware, but if you have a Samsung S9 Plus or Note 9, you can use the modded ODIN to flash the US non-carrier U1 firmware to your device and enable band 71.  The trade off is, you lose band 17, which isn't much of a loss unless you are using AT&T.   

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When travelling in the USA, my Telus phone will hop to the strongest signal provider in the Area.  Most of the time it's ATT and occasionally it switches to Tmobile.


The longest I've been in the US was a week.