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Telus Cellular Network Coverage Map Reporting tool broken?

Helpful Neighbour

I tried different browsers, same result. I get an error message saying the area I am reporting has no coverage.


Additionally, should you search by location, you'll end up seeing a purple pointer. Telus' "other" green pointer is somewhere near the NWT. Even after you drag the pointer to the same location as the purple one, or nearby and you hit "report" I get an error message that no coverage is available when there is. 


Furthermore, if I am given the option of leaving comments, the SEND feature doesn't work. I tried using the latest Chrome and FireFox.


My takeaway is Telus is already flooded by users complaints and don't want us to further backlog them with more complaints. And no, the "future with Telus is NOT friendly".


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried using the TelusNetXP app to report mobility issues. iOS Android

Does anyone really want to install more bloatware on their device to take the place of something that should work but doesn't?