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Subway service?

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After reading an article in the Globe & Mail today (Aug.27), I realized that the terrible wi-fi service I get on the Toronto subway system is not the TTC's fault but the fact that the big wireless companies, like Telus, refuse to get on board. Telus is quoted as saying they "have no plans for subway service". This is infuriating given how much time many of us spend on the subway and how much we spend on our mobility plans. WHY does Telus have "no plans for subway service"? Out of the gazillions of $$ Telus is making off of us, surely some form of subway wifi service, like other civilized cities should be implemented.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The quality of TTC Station Wi-Fi should be addressed to BAI the installer and maintainer of the Wi-Fi network in TTC stations.


There was a competitive process for putting cellular connectivity in the TTC. BAI bid the most to provide the system, but needs to get cellular providers on board. My guess is the price BAI wants from Telus, Bell and Rogers is higher than they want to pay for carriage. The TTC got their $25 million, but BAI can't provide the goods; they should have negotiated or partnered with the cellular providers before making a bid they could not fulfill.


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Yes now that the shoe is on the other foot Telus, Bell, and Rogers refuse to wear it.  God forbid that they would use someone else's infrastructure to deliver their services.

Well let's see, here is my opinion:

"Robellus" bids a certain amount to get the TTC subway contract.


Some other firm, BAI, decides to bid more, thinking they can pay the TTC more and pocket a nice profit for themselves by soaking the carriers big time.


If "Robellus" rewards such behavior by paying BAI a lot, what's to prevent other third parties from bidding even more at other Transit venues and everywhere else?


The TTC should have required any bidder to have contracts with the major providers before accepting the bid....that way, BAI could have structured their bid based upon what revenue they would expect.  I think BAI will lose big time in the current situation.