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Slow internet connection

Is anyone else experiencing slow intetnet connections and phone freezing, taking a long time to load and some applications not working properly ? I thought it was just my phone but it happens on any phone I put my sim in.

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Community Power User

Not here!


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Lightning speed for me! Things like location, model of phone (which you stated it had no change with model of phone), age of your sim card can all affect this. I would recommend:

  • Giving your phone a good power off and on if it's been a while.
  • Try using it a different location if it's just happening at home or work to see if it's that location only. Or if you are in a basement suite maybe it's all the concrete etc. affecting it. 
  • Calling or chatting Telus to have your sim card repushed onto the tower. That can really help. *611 from your cell phone. 
  • Or even just purchasing a new sim card to see if that helps. They're $15
  • Maybe it's time for a new phone?
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