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Signal Strength

Friendly Neighbour

 recently moved to a new neighborhood with an extremely weak signal. I have to use my wifi to make calls that don't drop. 


Is there anything I can buy to improve the cell service I have in and around my home? I am frequently on call at work which is difficult if I can't make or receive them 




Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm in a similar situation. Cell tower is only 4 blocks away but I'm in a dense urban area (lots of concrete buildings). Signal strength is 2 bars at best depending where I am in my apartment. There are cell boosters but if wi-fi calling is working I would stick with that.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thanks for sharing.

The wifi technically works, it’s just not very good and my phone cuts out either way. Additionally if I’m leaving for work, for example, the call drops the second I step foot out the door and I can’t pick it up again until I’m back in my truck and down the road. I also can’t get instructions on google maps in my driveway so if I forget to do that before I start driving down the road, I have to go back in and connect to the wifi.

These are relatively minor impacts but all together they are quite frustrating. Especially because all of my family is in Ontario so I spend quite a bit of time on the phone.