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SMS International Unlimited question.

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I am texting someone in the US about everyday.
So of course I chose the option to have SMS International Unlimited for 10$/ a month.

However, even with it enabled, I am still being charged about 100$ as ''Additional usage charges - Text messages from Canada to US.''.



Am I not supposed to be able to send unlimited text messages with no extra charges?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You should.  I'd suggest a Chat with a Telus Rep is your next step.


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I highly recommend you check what date you added the feature vs when you started texting your friend. It's probably usage from before you added that feature. You can check your current usage on app and I bet you haven't been charged since adding the feature. Telus blocks data usage (sms/mms is considered data) at $100 to prevent huge bills without your knowledge. When your invoice prints you are paying ahead for your plan and features but for your usage up until that date. So if your invoices is dated say March 10. You are paying from March 11-April 10 for your features and rateplan but the usage is all from February 11-March 10. If you started texting your friend february 13 and didn't add on the sms $10 feature until february 27 than all the usage from that time was free incoming sms (telus doesn't charge anyone for incoming sms whether it's international or not) and .40 per outgoing sms. Which can add up fast. I almost guarantee that's the case. Hopefully that saves you a call/chat. @s74ndry74

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