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Ridiculously slow throttle speeds

Just Moved In
Second month with Telus mobility, running the 150GB unlimited data plan. Used up my 150GB high speed data and am now on the throttle speeds and it is completely unusable. Just ran a speed test and I’m getting 10kbps speeds when Telus advertises up to 512 kbps. I understand that throttle speeds will be slower but I don’t expect to get 1/50th of the advertised speed especially when I’m on the most expensive mobile plan offered. Is this a normal experience ? I am about to just cancel my service and switch to one of the competitors. I’ve been with bell and freedom and never had this slow for throttled data.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you reached out to tech support directly yet? That would be the best thing to do first. 

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Friendly Neighbour

The Telus Customer Experience Team is quite responsive and good with follow-ups, but sadly, in the case of 3 of my employee lines, the only way to fix their reception issues was to switch them back to Bell.  I find it surprising given all the buzz and mantras being thrown around for the last 13 years that the 2 networks are essentially identical due to their tower-sharing agreement, and I remember a senior Telus employee telling me a few years back that Telus was actually superior because of its superior core network, however, based on my company's experience, Telus and Bell are not equal and Telus is certainly not the superior carrier (at least in the GTA.)