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Prepaid Plan Auto Top-ups: "Every 30 Days or When Balance Falls Below $5.00" Choice Implications


I'm wondering if the added specification "....when balance falls below $5.00" with the Telus prepaid plan 30-day auto top-ups account payments helps those of us with a $15 a month plan avoid having to regularly monitor/adjust our payments given the limited auto top-up dollar amount choices Telus provides?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If I recall, it is a legacy from when there was a per minute fee for minutes, and it would top up if your consumption caused your balance for payment of minutes dropped. I doubt you’ll have success using it in the manner you describe, but you could experiment, and share your results!

I just dropped a $25 coupon every so often, as the excess was carried over.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@CAMERC If you pre-set the minimum balance top-up amount ($5) it'll work in conjunction with 30-Day top-up as follows:

  • If you don't go below a balance of $5 within 30 days, the account is topped up via the 30-Day Top-up.

  • If you go below $5 within the 30 days, then Minimum Balance Top-up is used.

So you've got two options working in the background at all times to ensure continuity. I hope this answers your question.