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Paperless Billing Notifications Not Working


I recently got a voicemail from Telus because my bill was overdue.  I am signed up for paperless billing, I believe they switched me to paperless automatically. 


I thought it was weird as I didn't remember getting an e-mail stating that my bill was due.  I checked my email and all I have gotten from Telus in the last few months is "Junk mail"  promotional offers and so on.  I went to the "MyTelus" website and checked my billing notifications.  Sure enough both email and sms notifications were selected.  I never received an sms message either. 


I tried calling back the lady that had called me.  The voicemail was so difficult to understand I had to listen to it multiple times to get her number.  I called back but no answer.  I then called the main phone number and waited on hold for almost 30 minutes.  The operator offered to waive the $6 interest charge from my bill being paid late.  I wish they would just keep the $6 and put it towards better customer service!


I have been beyond frustrated with Telus lately. I switched from Bell to Telus because I was so fed up with Bell's customer service.  I have been a business customer with Telus for about 7 years.  I spend several hundred dollars a month with them.  I am almost ready to switch to a different provider.  Maybe Rogers still has decent customer service?  I would be happy to pay a few dollars more a month for better service! 


In Canada, we pay among the highest fees in the world for mobile service and I swear we have the absolute worst customer service!


Community Power User
Community Power User

I have similar with home services. I just set a calendar reminder.


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