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Owners Advantage Plan-Area Codes Excluded from Unlimited talk & Text in US

Just Moved In

Re: The Owners Advantage Plan currently advertised under Small Business Plans on Telus Website

Plan offers " Unlimited talk & text anywhere in Canada, the U.S and Mexico, which I understand means no roaming charges for voice and text if calling/texting anywhere in the Cda, US and Mexico.


However the note to this offer says that "Calls to areas 712-432, 605-562, 605-475, 712-775, and 559-726 are not included in this plan and will be billed at the standard pay-per-use rate."


This list seems to include dialing codes to significant parts of the US including California and Florida?

Does this mean that under this plan US roaming is limited to a small part of the USA?



The US has quite alot of area codes. That block of area codes would barely scratch the surface of most of the continental United States. The following are the exclusions:

712: Sioux City, Iowa (only numbers starting with 432 and 775)
605: Sioux Falls, South Dakota (only numbers starting with 562 and 472)
559: Fresno, California (only numbers starting with 726)

Theae number blocks are more than likely city or local government numbers that are only accessible by local residents.