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North Vancouver Cellular signal is weak. 1 bar, 4 blocks from Lonsdale.

Just Moved In

Recently have noticed that the signal strength in North Vancouver is worse than ever.  

Phibbs exchange.  1 bar.

4 blocks east of Lonsdale, 1 bar.

Inside or outside calling is terrible.  

I have lived at the same house for 25 years, and it has never been over 1 bar.  Central Lonsdale, and 2023.   Come on!

WiFi Calling is so-so. 

I should not have to buy a cellular booster...iphone 13 pro max, and inside or outside, the signal strength is 1 bar.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you tried restarting your device or resetting your Network Settings to see if that helps?

I have tried restarting phone move around
outside /inside etc

Makes little to no difference.

2-3 dropped calls per day is normal.
Robotic sounding to my callers, have to hang up and call back repeatedly.

It’s pretty bad.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you had the chance to speak with our Mobility team or visit the nearest TELUS store about this?