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I've been a Telus customer for several years and have consistently had poor reception in Downtown Winnipeg especially around my home and the University. I've spoken with Telus technical support several times, there's no issue with my device (it's occurred on multiple phones), I've changed the SIM card, no solution. I know other Telus customers who have all experienced the same issues. After several calls and much back and forth, I finally got an agent who stated that there was issues with weak signals in the downtown area, he stated that several customers had reported issues with losing signal and being unable to call 911. He went on to tell me that there are no plans by Telus to upgrade the towers any further in Manitoba so at this time there is no solution to my coverage issue. Great... he promised to detail this information in his log and I figured that was the end of the issue. I few days later I called customer service to see if there was anything that could be done, or if cancellation was my only alternative since Telus couldn't provide adequate service.
I was met with a very hostile agent who insisted that there are no issues with service anywhere in Winnipeg and claimed that none of the information that the technical service agent had provided had been listed anywhere in the call notes.

Obviously I'm pretty frustrated at this point, as either way I was provided inaccurate information from a Telus employee. Either there are issues with the network coverage in Dowtown Winnipeg, or the agent I spoke with in technical support provided false information.
I simply want some honesty. Are there network issues in downtown Winnipeg and if so, are there plans to put up any more towers to resolve the issue?
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Hi I'm just wondering why this is being ignored
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi, I'm afraid that your best bet would be to contact customer service. 1-866-558-2273


Why does telus refuse to buy time on mts towers?