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NFC mobile payments

Just Moved In

Anybody have any idea when mobile payments will become active?



Community Power User
Community Power User

Strikes me this depends on the phone manufacturer, your bank, and the merchants you deal with.


I'm not holding my breath........ 

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Friendly Neighbour

I know this is an old thread however I have actually had this discussion a couple times with telus directly. Most newer phones have NFC built in, the NFC SIM card is available for $15 dollars i belive however what we are waiting on is for telus to partner with a bank judging from rogers and bell it will be one bank and one bank only rogers partnered with CIBC, bell wirh RBC i think so we will get Scotia Bank? Maybe BMO? neither of which is good for me lol as I am with RBC wish they would open it up more


**Edit** quick google and there has actualy been development TD Canada trust and PC Financial working on an open mobile wallet??? hmmmmm