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Making MF279 Wifi Better?

Just Moved In

Hi there, 


We have an MF279 SmartHub. Have only had it a few weeks and are less than thrilled about it, but it was the cheapest option we could find for internet where we live. We have been following all the recommendations to help it get the best reception possible. Averaging 2-3 bars.


The wifi often starts and stops. It also barely reaches the far end of my house (which isn't very large, 1500 sq ft). I've spoken with a TELUS rep at both a store and online and both said it was possible to put the SmartHub into bridge mode and plug in a more powerful router. I've searched online--including these forums--and have found the opposite to be true. So I'm not sure if the TELUS folks are just unfamiliar with the SmartHub, or if something has changed. Indeed, when I log into the admin panel for the SmartHub, there is the option to put it into LTE Bridge Mode. 


Are there any successful ways to increase the range and the quality of the wifi? I have disabled 5G and only have the 2.4G channel operating as I heard that sometimes the dual band can affect the signal. I don't know if that's true and haven't noticed a significant change in quality since doing so.


I have looked at a range extender but would rather have a router if possible.



You can buy your own modem and connect it to the ethernet port to expand the wifi