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Internal referral discount vs upgrade plan?

Hi, I just signed up with Telus a month ago with $85 25G 5G plan. I also have Telus internal referral discount when I sign up. There is currently a black Friday 100G 5G plan for same price. If I switch to this plan, will my Telus internal referral discount stay?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Likely not. It would be considered an entirely new account, subject to the terms and conditions of the Black Friday promotion.


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I called and the discount will apply to the new plan

Friendly Neighbour

my experience with telus is below : 

I have just been entertained (nightmare) by Telus Sales Agent - who got me signed in for Home Security and Black Friday Mobile (5 lines) deal. On words/verbal - he got me a 37 CAD Home Security deal (never told me that it was 5 Year binding contract) and with way less devices (on actual as compared to what he told me verbally). Anyhow he also got me signed into a iPHONE 13 deal with 100GB package (with my 5 lines) with 50 CAD for first line and next at 45 CAD Each. But once I signed and called actual Telus - they told me that my signed deal is different from what I am telling them (or what Sales Guy told). After lots of struggle - I managed to got all the services cancelled.... without even using it for a single day (with in 3 to 4 days of signing)... but today i think my nightmware is starting - i got a bill (for mobile only) as 432 Dollars and payment should be done before 28th of Dec 2022..... what ??? but I never used your service ? never got any SIM ? neither any mobile  ? what is the Bill for ? I am now calling Telus and for last 55 Minutes - on wait .. and there seems no end to it ....

isnt it a nightmware ..... TELUS .... what the hell ? All Telecom Companies in Canada simply Suck...... we should ask US companies to take over ....