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Do I pay for minutes on ohone when connected to wifi?

I have cellphone for calling but no data. Am I still charged for minutes when I am connected to wifi,like at home?

If you're going to use the regular call of the phone then yes but if you're using an app then no because basically the app is consuming the wifi network.

One popular way to call for free is to use something like Skype on wifi.  I can be connected anywhere around the world for FREE.


Hello American84,


Data is not counted the same way as are calls because we look at the size of usage, rather than the minutes connected to data. To answer your question, as long as you have blocked your cellular data on your phone and you connect to wifi then the internet is "free" because you are using your already paid for internet at home.


Now, if your question was if your minutes still count when you are on a call and on wifi, then yes it does, because the wifi is just for internet and not for the calling part of your phone. Unless, of course, you have an app such as the one KittyGumDropz & xl have mentioned that uses the internet to make the call and not your minutes.


Hope this clarifies!