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Device Credit on Smartwatches (and changing devices within period)

Just Moved In

Question on smartwatch device credits!

I have a Samsung Watch5 Pro watch at $0/mo (after some significant device credits) purchased alongside my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra device.


I am curious:

- Am I able to transfer my Onenumber eSIM from this watch to another watch during the 24 months I am paying for my device?

With smartphones, you can always move to another smartphone and continue paying down the initial device as per the agreement.

I am wondering if this is possible with smartwatches as well, or if smartwatches can only be provisioned once your previous device credit balance is eliminated.


I'm thinking of upgrading to the upcoming Watch6 Pro (within the year), and I'm concerned if it wouldn't be possible for me to transfer my OneNumber over to the new Watch5 (I'll still maintain payments for the 24 months of my original agreement).


I can do this with a phone.. Surely it should be possible with a smartwatch?


Thanks in advance 🙂