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Cellular coverage in south Surrey. Peninsula village , grandview corners

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I switched to Telus from bell and lost data in these locations. It’s a major shopping area. There are malls , superstore, Walmart , Thriftys , Best Buy , 50+ restaurants etc Twice when we’ve been there are phones get a welcome to USA roaming notification. This is 24 ave , 24 blocks to the border. I hear ads saying Telus has the best network , but this is a major shopping and business hub with no coverage. How can this be, I’ve read other reports on this forum from users saying it’s been like this for over 12 years. I’ve had to leave the area by car to make a call and then return to shopping.

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Community Power User

There have already been multiple discussions about this area. 

First question is always, have you reported the issues to Telus directly? The forum is not a valid way to report the issues. The more reports that actually come in, the more likely something will be done about it.


The nearest tower to Peninsuala Village is 800m away. The only Bell tower in the area is even further away at 1.5km, just beside 152 Street and a touch south of 32 Ave. It's on top of the high voltage transmission tower. Telus and Bell share towers in most areas and that would include around Peninsula Village. If it works on one provider, it should work on both.

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