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Can't send GIF as MMS from iPhone


I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6s+ to iPhone XR purchased directly from Apple. (my service is through Telus, obvs Smiley Wink )


For some strange reason, I can't seem to send a GIF as a MMS message. Had no issue with this on the 6s+.


The following all work:

-sending GIF via iMessage to another iPhone user.

-sending a photo via MMS to an Android user.

-sending a video via MMS to an Android user


However, if I pick a GIF, either one that I choose in the iPhone's #images search, or via Giphy that's integrated with the keyboard I use, and try to send it to an Android user (I've tried both with my wife, also a Telus subscriber, as well as to my sis-in-law, who uses Rogers), the message always comes up with "Not Delivered".


Any ideas?


Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a similar discussion on the Koodo Forum. Seems like it may be a software issue. From Telus' position, data is data.


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I know this is a really old post, but this problem is still an issue. Over on that Koodo forum, it has been discovered that both Koodo and Apple don’t have an answer to this situation and that a Bell SIM card in the phone works fine. I’m figuring that this IS in fact a Telus problem and hope we can get the attention of someone who can give us a solution.

Still an issue and really frustrating. Telus/Koodo does not seem to be helpful and/or care.

Tried my mother-in-law's Rogers SIM in my phone: no problems with sending an MMS in that situation.

So yeah, Telus, data may be data, but obviously you aren't handling it properly in this situation.

Chances are once had changed the SIM it was being sent as an RCS message vs. a standard MMS. RCS is designed to be more like an iMessage or WhatsApp message and will allow file transfers where a standard MMS would be limited to either a standard image or having to send a video clip.

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Same issue here. Upgraded from iPhone 8 and have 12.0 update on both XR and 8. 8 sends animated GIF to android just fine. XR will not. I believe it is a TELUS issue with the new XR. Come on TELUS throw us a bone here and help fix this issue.


This issue seems to be fixed in the iOS 12.2 beta 2 that was released this morning, so it seems like they CAN address this issue. I'm not sure when 12.2 will officially be out, but the beta can be installed by visiting