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Call center wait times

Just Moved In
The wait time calling in is very poor. People pay an awful lot of money for cell phones and plans in this country and to have an average of 20 plus minutes to get through is just not acceptable by any standards. I have called the center multiple times this week for different departments and the wait was unacceptable. Service was great but getting to that was just too frustrating.


20 minutes? That's lightening fast. Try calling to change your tv or internet, I gave up after 3 hours on hold which is part of telus business plan. If you make it difficult for support most people become frustrated and never try again. 


Wow, you hit the lottery on those calls. I'm impressed.


My last 3 calls to try to resolve billing were each over 90 minutes each on hold. It was even longer once I asked to talk to someone in Canada.


My most recent call was last Friday. 97 minutes until I was speaking to someone in the Philippines.