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Buying refurbished phones from Telus Web Store is a total rip off - Don't do it!

Helpful Neighbour

Not only do they charge you more for refurbished phones, but in the case of the Iphone, you are ineligible to purchase applecare. They do not make this clear at all, though there is fine print that says warantees may be limited.

In addition, if that refurbished phone breaks down you will have to wait 6-8 Business days to get a replacement. I don't know about you but I would rather get a replacement phone immediately as i need my phone. I don't have a landline with voicemail.


Now Telus is telling me that because i went to apple as their own staff told me to do, they will not refund my crappy non-refurbished supposedly refurbished phone. MY phone broke down less than a week after i recieved it.


Total rip off Telus. Like heck you give two craps about the environment. its all Bull Pucky