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I too have recently been scammed by Telus. Supposed to get notifications at 50%, 75% and 90% data usage. Yesterday got notification that my son had $26 in data overcharges but neither of us received any data usage notification warnings. After an hour on hold, was told 7 texts were sent, but neither me or my son received any. No proof provided and I was essentially accused of lying about it and Telus refusing to refund the overcharge. Worst customer service ever.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @npullan  you can also manage the notifications via your My account.  Verify to see how th notifications are set. 

I have already done that before I contacted Telus. All notifications are correctly set but they were not received by either myself or my son.


Did your son actually use the data that triggered the $26 charge? If so why do you feel the charge should be waived?


There are self-serve features in place to manage data in My TELUS. You can set a data limit and you can prevent overage. Are these turned on?


Are your notification settings correct?


Are the notifications being sent to the right people?



All notifications are correctly set in my account and to be sent to both me and my son. Telus is claiming they were sent but absolutely none were received.  Had notifications been received I would have shut data off on my sons account. Telus is unable to provide me with any proof that we received notifications from them. At the rates they are charging, I expect better service than failed notifications.

In addition, I have willingly paid overcharges when my son had incurred them when we had received notifications. However, that is not the case this time.