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Air time & data time

Planning to move to Calgary. Once I cancel my current plan I have in Winnipeg, can I simply buy some minutes/data from Telus to use on my current cell phone until I get settled in with a new cell company in Calgary? Can I keep my cell number? Hope this question makes sense….

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you cancel your plan, your number disappears. Usually you can’t port your number out of province, but have to get a local number. Until you are settled, I suggest keeping your current plan. If you determine your existing phone number still has value to you, you can port it to a VoIP provider, and call forward it to your new number, or use an app on your phone to access the number. Or you could get a dual SIM phone, and maintain your Winnipeg number on a second cellular account.

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But if I don’t cancel my plan, I will be charged a large amount in long distance charges every time I want to make a call. I’m currently with MTS. So I guess it’s best to cxl everything & just get a new #, and buy some minutes and data.